SCO Unix Project

This weekend we are upgrading an SCO Unix machine to support networking and to allow it to run inside a virtual machine. Well that was cancelled… the client is worried about turning his machine off to copy the data from the hard drive, having assured him that it is only in the worst possible case that there would be a problem and it is likely that nothing will go wrong I have been asked back on the 6th of March to continue the project but, importantly, to copy the data from the machine when it is still on. Although not a problem in most environments this machine is as old as my first pentium based computer and, like that machine, has not got a network card! I will be forced to use a Null Modem cable to transfer the data onto my laptop. Making changes in SCO sometimes requires re-linking of the kernel, and we all know what that means, REBOOT! I hope I can find some way of transferring the data over the built in serial port without much bother.

When I have the files off the computer I will be looking to put them onto a KVM/QEMU virtual machine on a Linux host. I set this up a short time ago using an old SCO OpenServer box and managed to get it working with KVM-88, unfortunately the versions after that did not support SCO and the same is true for VirtualBox. I believe that the main difference is the BIOS, since KVM-88 the BIOS of choice is SeaBIOS and I believe that is the source of my problem.

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