About Us

We’re Different

As a social enterpriseĀ PKT IT SolutionsĀ are not motivated by generating huge profits for shareholders, we are more concerned with meeting our social enterprise objectives. That does not mean we do not offer a fantastic service to our commercial clients, but it means we do so without aggressive sales techniques or excessive costs.

We deliver excellent products and solutions with unparalleled service in terms of choice and customer care, whilst remaining totally flexible, cost effective, competitive and impartial. We’re not conventional; we strive for creative solutions and strategies for our clients. We offer the benefits of a dynamic, 24/7 in-house IT department without the costs.

By working with our clients staff at all levels we remain in-tune with all our clients’ needs and are able to engineer solutions centred around people, existing business practices and future business vision.

Through our close links with academia, we remain at the absolute leading edge of the market. We invest heavily in training to ensure our sales and technical staff are knowledgeable, relaxed and responsive. What’s more, by utilising the latest computer technology available, we have at our disposal the equipment to ensure an incomparable level of quality and service.

Quality, Service and Delivery

We follow an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System and use it to rigoriously ensure the end product and final solution for your business is not just of high quality but totally appropriate and suitable to your needs. We have a team dedicated to after-sales care and support to ensure that we are there to help if things go wrong or if your needs change.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.