Door Entry

Door Entry / Exit System

Systems to control access and track movements of staff or authorised persons are quickly becoming a key element in ensuring your workplace is secure and your staff are safe and there are lots of options available on the market to choose from including keypad entry, RFID/key fob access and biometric identification. With key cards/fobs and keypad entry it is easy to fool the system into thinking you are someone else by looking over the shoulder when an authorised person is entering or using someone else’s key card.

Introducing MadokaID

MadokaID is an access control system based on fingerprint biometrics, this means that to gain access to premises secured with MadokaID you must have your fingers with you. Generally we find very few people leave their finger at home or loan it to a friend and in general they are very difficult to copy. These traits make fingerprints an excellent mechanism to identify authorised persons for access control, authorisation and time tracking.

Home Grown Technology

With our roots firmly in software MadokaID was written in-house by our talented engineers; as such the system is a completely customisable solution to the problem of access control in small to medium enterprises, education and care establishments. The basic system allows for time tracked access control that can be easily queried by a manager, more features can be added through additional hardware and software based modules that can perform functionality such as:

  • Arm an intruder alarm automatically or shut a roller shutter when the last member of staff leaves the building.
  • Notify specific people vial Email, Twitter or SMS when a member of staff is late or deviates from their expected working hours.
  • Automatic calculation of gross pay to assist in the payroll cycle.
  • Printout and access to a list of all building occupants via your smartphone when a fire is detected.

Much more is possible and our engineers are eager to please so contact us today about a site survey.

Additional Features and Functionality

Being a system developed completely in house by our professional team of software developers Madoka ID can be customised to fit your specific requirements.

Interesting News

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