From Imagination to Creation

We have a wealth of experience developing new and innovative software solutions meeting a range of business requirements, as well as a proven track record producing software that interfaces with and integrates existing systems. Whether your system is designed to increase back office efficiency or is intended for use by front line staff at every level of your company, you can be sure that our software will not let you down.

Timesheets in Silverlight


iPhone Application


IPv6 Networking

We are passionate about the internet and do not want to see it fragmented into a strange NAT mush, to that end we offer configuration of the IPv6 internet for all our clients. We can make use of various techniques to tunnel IPv6 over the current IPv4 network and so you do not need to change to a v6 capable ISP but still gain all the benefits of being an IPv6 connected host.

In all our software development (where possible and applicable) we ensure compliance with this future standard. Are you thinking of migrating to IPv6 and are looking for a partner who is well versed with IPv6 on all major operating systems including: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Solaris, FreeBSD and Linux? We can help.



Like most techies our engineers are not very chatty but they do occasionally tweet and we are  encouraging them to write some interesting technical posts…