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PKT IT Solutions offer a wide range of Web Hosting solutions, primarily for use with our hosted Java EE and PHP web applications but also have the capability of hosting your website on our resilient shared servers. We have a global infrastructure spanning 3 continents and can ensure your applications and websites are always available.

  • Liverpool and Berkshire
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Hong Kong SAR

Pricing & Available Packages

PKT Solutions prides itself on efficient and economic hosting with support tailored to you. Unmanaged services are just that, no involvement from a human except in exceptional cases. Managed solutions are more appropriate for those that are not technically minded and include support from our technical team to help you when you have difficulties.

Shared Hosting for Websites
Package Basic Larger Capacity Ultimate
Storage Space 10GiB 20GiB 250GiB
SSH Access Yes Yes Yes
FTP Access Yes Yes Yes
Bandwidth Unlimited* Unlimited* Unlimited*
Supported Applications
(Managed Only)
WordPress Logo
Concrete5 Logo
Pricing (managed)£ 3.99/month£ 5.99/month£ 12.49/month
Pricing (unmanaged)£ 1.50/month£ 3.50/month£ 10.00/month

* fair usage restrictions apply.

Case Studies

Issue Tracking System (JTrac)

We offer a hosted issue tracking system based on the open source product JTrac. PKT IT Solutions is committed to it’s social objectives and is proud to use and be involved in development of many open source projects.

Online Customer Quotations

Prestige Granite and Marble offer marble work surfaces, flooring and fire surrounds to the general public and home improvement companies. They make use of a hosted quotation system that is used by them and their partner organisations to streamline the quotation process.


We hate spam, and to help counteract the scourge we all have to live with we put in place a simple service to help combat spam. The service is free and we hope you will find it useful.

Our Views on Fair Usage

We take a very liberal view on fair usage, we are happy for you to use bandwidth (that is what we want, otherwise why would we be here?) so if you don’t do something stupid (and you know what that means) we are overjoyed to host your site.