For quick extensions of the system a Bolt-on can be installed to provide the required additional functionality. Ranging from additional notification and extra logging and export, bolt-ons are available to make your life easier.


Basic – Every entry and exit event of staff is tweeted to a twitter account – this can be monitored through a mobile phone.

Advanced – User can tweet the automaton with “start” and a full name to me notified when that member of staff enters and exits until the same user tweets “stop” and the full name to the automaton.


Feature A – Will notify those requested when a named person enters or exits through email or text message.
Feature B – Will notify those requested when a named person is late through email or text message.
Feature C – Will notify the individual when they are x minutes late/not signed in through email or text message.

Critical Information

Basic – Display important information and messages when a user signs in e.g. fire alarm at 3pm or alerts the manager when a parent debtor attempts to enter.

Advanced: It is possible through this system to prevent access until this message is cleared by using the “message clearance finger”.

Roller Shutter Integration

Will open roller shutter when the first person signs in to the building and will also close the shutter after the last person in the building exits. Time delays can be integrated into your system for specific reasons e.g. Distance from scanner to external door.


Allows export of various data to Microsoft excel

Intruder Alarm Integration

Basic – Activates your existing intruder alarm with panic finger of your choice.
Advanced – Arms your existing intruder alarm upon exit of last person from the building.

Time and Attendance

Maintains a register for 30 years for Ofsted Compliance Records lateness and absence on the system – tabular form. Present individual reports on Staff Member’s time and attendance

Additional Modules

Fire Register

On-line option: Will maintain an on-line secure page with current occupancy of the building accessible via any smartphone with the correct link and credentials.

Also includes a designated space in PKT’s data centres for current occupancy of the building which can be accessed on all smartphones.
Print option: Will in addition to “on-line” as above print out a fire register of everybody in the building at every printer upon activation of the fire alarm.


Performs all the functions of Time and Attendance, with the ability to Export and Alert Bolt Ons included. It also:

  • Presents Timesheets in PDF format to allow this to be sent to Finance, HR or external agencies to perform payroll functions.
  • Can detail an employee’s time in graph form for easier analysis.
  • Can explicitly list the amount of time (during expecting working hours) a specific member of staff is out of the building on any given day/week/month
    • The system can list each individual period where the employee is out
      • This can help you ensure staff are not taking too many cigarette breaks
      • Or that the bank run or mail run is not taking too long
      • Or that they are not taking unscheduled unapproved time off
  • Allow tracking of unauthorised leave and suspension
  • Allow tracking of authorised paid (including holiday, training, or compassionate/discretionary) and unpaid (e.g. sickness, civil duties: school governor, house hold emergencies: sick relative, plumbing issue etc.) leave.
  • Allows managers to verify external time (e.g. attendance at courses)
  • Allows users (if client requests it) to remotely book in emergency unpaid leave and sick leave and request future unpaid or paid leave.