BuyByNumbers Testimonial


Van Kampen Media are a small company based in Dublin who provide digital PR, copywriting and creative content for online newspapers, brands and private clients within the retail sector. Essentially we are PR specialists for organisations who wish to make an impact online.

Being a small company from a traditional news and media background gave us a very distinct edge when we first moved toward digital consultancy but as the market has diversified over the last few years so also has the amount of traditional development work that our clients require from us.
Rather than run to the operational costs or risk the logistical difficulties of developing solutions for clients in-house, we rely on PKT Solutions for our development work and also work with them in a consultative capacity at the outset of projects we undertake. We have always been delighted with the way in which they have been able to dovetail with our clients ideas and most importantly, the final outcomes they have delivered.
Like all who work in this industry, our reputation hinges upon our ability to deliver to our clients innovative solutions without incurring unrealistic costs and an integral part of us being able to achieve this comes from the fact that we can absolutely rely on PKT Solutions to provide us with a sound development platform.
If you are a front end developer, a PR specialist or a small to medium sized company, making the switch away from traditional media can be daunting but the opportunities for a good return on your investment are also very real. Your first step toward this should be the team at PKT. They are that good!
Sinead Van Kampen
Van Kampen Media