Establishing, Enabling and Empowering your Online Presence

This division focuses on the Internet and getting your company’s presence felt on it. Whether a company is seeking an information site only or a multi-store company looking for an e-commerce solution to reduce costs or increase sales here at PKT we can help.

Web Hosting

PKT provides excellent hosting services, with multiple geographically unique redundant sites for your website. Hosting comes complimentary with some website design packages, otherwise there is a large variety of options with flexibility to tailor prices to suit project needs.

Domain Sales

PKT will supply and register your domains for you; we will also manage and host the domains as part of our service. As members of Nominet the official registration body for the UK, you can be safe in the knowledge we are experts at handling and maintaining registration information. If you are looking to transfer your domain to us please let us know.


If your site is not getting as many hits as you would like we can offer advice and/or take proactive measures to drive more traffic to your site through one of the two below methods:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is were we identify the keywords for your industry and ensure your website has enough (but not so many as to cause you to be black listed) to ensure a reasonable place from an Internet search engine’s output. We also improve your strategy for getting users to click through to you and offer advice on how to make the site more attractive to visitors both in the first instance and for repeat visits.

Pay per Click advertising (PpC)

This system works by the website owner paying to get ranked high in the “sponsored” links section. Effectively, the owner pays a fixed and agreed price per each visit a potential client makes to the site, up to a daily limit. PKT can manage your accounts with Google AdWords or Yahoo Search Marketing (formely Overture) to ensure you are getting the best price for your keywords and that budgets are being kept to.

Site Review

For existing websites we offer anything from a simple informal review to a full usability and user experience audit. We can check to make sure your company’s website is compliant with the latest legislation and regulations: whether that be making sure your registered company details are displayed on every page (e.g. Companies Act 2006 and First Company Law Amendment Directive) or making sure you are disability aware and accessible.

Web Design

For companies without any existing web identity one can be fully designed and implemented. This can be wholly based around the existing brand, built on the brand or be entirely separate from it. We have highly skilled web designers who can visit your site and your competitor’s sites to get a feel for the atmosphere and industry context which will influence their work on the site. At each stage you will be consulted and design plans will be signed off so you will have piece of mind the project is running smoothly. As we have a Quality Management System (compliant with ISO 9001:2000) in place, we can prove there are no non-conformities with our design or implementation.

We pride ourselves in providing customised front ends to existing software whether that software be our own, or another company’s package such as SagePay, Paypal, Quickbooks, WordPress or Concrete5.

Case Studies

QPC Online

QPC wanted their existing site moving to a more manageable content management system so taking their existing site we transferred them to Concrete5 and as such they can now manage the content of their site in-house. At the same time we moved them to our reliable hosting solution.

Essential Teaching Supply

With no existing web presence but having design idea’s already ETS wanted a site that reflected there straight forward approach to supply teachers.

PPK Training

PPK training supplied the design template for their site so we took their design and implemented their vision using Concrete5 and our hosting solution.

Wragg Media

Wraggmedia were starting from scratch they had ideas about what they wanted and they knew they wanted to sell their books and posters online, so we created a site in WordPress iterating with the client at each step. We implemented a shop for them as well as a custom payment system.